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public schools in the Dominion. Many schools of agriculture, technical schools and schools of domestic science have been founded during this period. The Agricultural College at Guelph, in Ontario, owes much to the generosity of Sir William C. MacDonald, who also built and endowed a well-equipped college at Ste. Anne de Bellevue, near Montreal, as a training-school


for teachers and a school for the study of agriculture and domestic science.

Many other notable men have devoted their best powers of mind and body to the cause of education. Amongst these may be mentioned Sir William Dawson, the principal of McGill University; Sir Daniel Wilson, the principal of Toronto University; Dr. G. M. Grant, of Queen's University; Dr. Rand, who did much to improve the school systems of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick; Dr. Bryce, who has done excellent service for education in Manitoba; and Pierre J. O. Chauveau, who became the first premier of Lower Canada after Confederation. All these men, as it happened, also won distinction in literary work.


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