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stead of being obliged to stop at Quebec, and by means of the Sault Ste. Marie and Welland Canals large vessels can come down to the sea f rom Port Arthur, on Lake Superior. Between Lake Erie and Montreal the depth of the canals, in the shallowest places, has been increased from nine to fourteen

feet. This is a great

advantage in shipping

grain from the west.

;   A new Welland canal

_   for large vessels is

now under construc-

L   tion, but the work

was delayed by the

war. It is to be f rom

LIFT-LOCK ON THE TRENT VALLEY twenty-five to thirty CANAL AT PETERBOROUGH.   feet deep, with seven

The Trent Valley Canal (planned and begun years ago to shorten the distance by water from Georgian Bay to Lake Ontario) is not yet completed, but the section from Lake Simcoe to the Bay of Quinte was formally opened in June, 1915. When finished, the canal will have six-teen large locks, of which the hydraulic lift-lock at Peter-borough is one of the largest of its kind in the world.

Lighthouses To make the navigation of our rivers, lakes, and Danger and coast waters safer, a great number of Signals. lighthouses, lightships, fog-horns, bell-buoys and other danger signals have been provided since Confederation. In 1467 there were 227 lighthouses in the Dominion (then including only four provinces) ; in 1911 there were 952 light stations in the present Dominion.

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