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metals—from engines and bridges to jewellery, skates and tools.

Of late years Canadians have won a number of prizes for agricultural products and manufactured goods at the great exhibitions held in different countries.

Water   As a manufacturing country Canada is

Powers. peculiarly fortunate in possessing an immense number of streams and waterfalls from which power can be obtained to run the machinery of her mills and . factories. Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia have so far made most use of this kind of power. The mighty cataract of Niagara has been put " in harness " and the people of Toronto and many other Canadian and American cities are running their machinery with power from the Falls. This great enterprise, so far as Ontario is concerned, is managed, for the public benefit, by the Hydro-Electric Power Commission of Ontario.

Number of   In 1915, when a census of manufactures

Fac±ories. was taken, it was found that there were then in the Dominion 21,291 manufacturing establishments, and that these employed considerably over half a million men; women and children.

War Manu- A wonderful story might be written of the factures: work clone in Canadian factories during the war. A very terrible thing for the British and allied soldiers at the beginning of the war was that, while the enemy had enormous supplies of shells, our armies had so few that the generals had to give orders to save them even during heavy German bombardments. That could not go on. Soon every British factory that could be turned into a munitions plant was running clay and night. It was the same in the Dominion. Canadian manufacturers hastened to obtain or adapt the necessary machinery for making munitions. Mr. Lloyd George stated

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