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overseas. Over i,000 women were employed by the Royal Air Force in Canada.

Nurses and With the Canadian Expeditionary Force V. A. D's. 2,400 nursing sisters went overseas, and these have shown the highest courage and devotion to the wounded men under their charge, even when, as has not infrequently happened, the Germans have dropped bombs on their hospitals. At the beginning of i919 there were also 527 nursing sisters on duty in Canada. Side by side with them, at home and abroad, have worked the V. A. D's, or women of the Volunteer Aid Detachment, who have usually received some training as nurses with the St. John's Ambulance Association. The war has been on such a scale that without their patient and persevering help vast numbers of the wounded must have been neglected.

Other   Other great organizations and groups of

Volunteer   women have made it their business to look

Workers. after the women and children the soldiers left behind them, to make all sorts of necessaries for the hospitals, to knit socks for the men in the field, and, indeed, to help in a multiplicity of ways where help was needed.

New Political Before the war, in the old lands and the Privileges new, women had long been urgently decor Women. manding that they should be permitted to vote at the elections for members of Parliament. A constantly growing number, both of men and women, believed that women should not be shut out from the privileges of citizenship when they had to share its bur-dens. At last, in the midst of the war, during the years 1916 and 1917, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, British Columbia and Ontario granted to women the right of voting at provincial and municipal elections on the same

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