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of meat to be served in restaurants, required bakers to use flour from other grains with the wheat flour, and forbade the use of grain in making intoxicating liquors

The Government also tried, with much suc-Production. cess, to persuade the farmers to grow more wheat and raise more hogs and other animals, and the townspeople to grow vegetables on vacant lots and in their backyards. Moreover, many men and girls from


the cities went to Nvork for the farmers in the summer time, so as to increase the harvest.

Women's   In all the fighting countries women have

new Work undertaken new ]rinds of work to help in the war. to win the war. In Great Britain this has been very noticeable. But even in Canada many women have clone what was thought men's work be-fore the war. Besides new work on farms, they have helped to make aeroplanes, motor-cars, shells and other munitions. They have filled the positions of clerks who had gone overseas from banks and other places of business. They have become drivers of motor-trucks used for military service in Canada, and of ambulances


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