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In December, 1916, Brigadier -G e n e r a 1

~~. Turner, V.C. (now Lieutenant - General Sir Richard Turner) was appointed General Officer Commanding the Canadians in

'   England, and in June,

. 1917, Lieutenant-General Sir Arthur Currie (as he is now) succeeded Sir Julian Byng in command of the Canadian army in France. Major-Generals A. C. Macdonell, H. E. Burstall, L. J. Lipsett and Sir D. Watson have commanded the First,

L,:\NCE-CORP. FREDERICK FISHER.   Second, Third and

Canada's First V.C. in the Great War. Fourth Divisions respectively.

Many Cana- During the course of the war our Canadian dians Decor- soldiers have received over 12,000 decoraated. tions for distinguished service, besides mention in despatches. Over sixty of these have been awarded " the most coveted of all military distinctions," the Victoria Cross. The first three Canadians to whom the V.C. was awarded distinguished themselves in the terrible Second Battle of Ypres. They were Lance-Corporal F. Fisher, of the 13th Battalion, Captain F. A. C. Scrimger, both of Montreal, and Sergeant-Major F. W. Hall, of Winnipeg, of the 8th Battalion. Neither Hall nor Fisher lived to wear the decoration.

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