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THt GRtAT WAR.   353

at one time) left Gaspe Bay on October 3rd, convoyed by over thirty war vessels, and landed in England eleven clays later~X

Defeat and But before that day much had happened in victory. Europe. The allied French and British armies, after boldly attacking the German hosts, had been forced to make " a fighting retreat southwards." Part of the German army had come within twenty-five

miles of Paris. The Government

had been removed from Paris to

Bordeaux, and many people ex-

pected the speedy fall of the capi-

tal.. This was not to be. The

French and British armies, taking

advantage of a risky move on the

part of the German general, Von

Kluck, struck the enemy swiftly

and unexpectedly on his flank and

ALEXANDER MUIR,   won the famous battle of the
Authorof "The Maple Leaf." Marne. It ended with the retreat

of the invaders to the Aisne, and here, when the first Canadian contingent reached England, had already begun the grinding, wearisome warfare of the trenches.

The Service In the remainder of this chapter mention

of the   will be made of some of the battles in which

Canadians. the lads of our Canadian Expeditionary Force proved their courage, their endurance and their adaptability to their grim new work of fighting. Little can be said here of the equally heroic work of the thousands, and presently the millions, of sons of the other dominions, of India and of the old motherlands—France and Britain—or of the allied countries, who, like the "anadians, suffered all manner of hardships, and toiled

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