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England endeavoured to avert a conflict. On July 28th, one month after the murder of the Archduke, Austria declared war on Serbia. Thereupon events moved with terrible rapidity,

The Events Within a week Russia had begun to mob-of a Week. ilize to protect Serbia; Germany had declared war on Russia; France was drawn in as Russia's ally ; Germany, determined to strike at France on her weakest side, had violated the neutrality of the defence-less duchy of Luxembourg and the little kingdom of Belgium (whose neutrality she, in common with France and England, was bound by a solemn treaty to respect), and Great Britain had declared war on Germany because of her pledged word to brave little Belgium and her conviction that Germany wished to crush and ruin France.

Germany's But Germany made many blunders in her Miseaicdia- reckonings. She did not expect the heroic tions. resistance of the Belgians, which delayed the advance of her armies for nearly two weeks and gave France and Britain time to prepare. She had thought she could persuade Britain to stay out of the war; she despised her " contemptible little army " (as the boastful Kaiser called it), and was most disagreeably astonished when the dominions, all the colonies and India joined Great Britain heart and soul against her. But even the British peoples themselves hardly realized how strong were the ties that -made them one until these were tested by the fearful strain of the life-and-death struggle with Germany.

Canada   On the very day that war was declared. Offers Her Canada began to gather an army to help

Sons. in the desperate strife, and in seven weeks her first contingent Of 33.000 men was ready to embark. This force (the largest that had ever crossed the Atlantic

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