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carrying on scientific work further south. In this region there were many harbours and much game. In June, 1915, the explorer discovered a new tract of land, and claimed it for the British Empire. Since then he has done much scientific work in the far north.-q

Three Prov- In 1912, the provinces of Quebec, Ontario

aces .   and Manitoba were enlarged by the addition

enlarged. of vast areas of wild, largely unexplored country towards the north. Quebec now has a long northern coast bordering on Hudson Ila}' and Hudson Strait. Ontario, which (with the new district of Patricia, named after the Duke of Connaught's younger daughter) has taken almost the shape of a great whale, has now a salt-water coast of some boo miles. Manitoba, formerly often referred to as the "postage stamp province," now not only extends, like its western sisters, Saskatchewan and Alberta, to the 6oth parallel of north latitude, but by its extension to Hudson Bay has become one of Canada's " maritime " provinces, and possesses one or two ancient seapi.-.i is where D'Iberville and the factors of the Hudson's Bay Company made history two hundred and twenty years ago.

Two Terrible ~'' terrible event of 1912 was the loss at Disasters at sea of the huge «bite Star steamship, the Sea. Titanic. On April 14th, when racing across the ocean at full speed on her maiden voyage, she struck an iceberg and sank, and 1,490 persons, including many well-known citizens of Canada, perished. About two years later, on May 29th, 1914, the great Canadian Pacific steamer, the Empress of Ireland, was rammed by a Norwegian vessel, the Storstad. The accident happened in the St. Lawrence, ten miles east of Father Point, and over i thousand people lost their lives.

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