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soldiers won laurels for themselves and their country, and the names of Paardeberg and Hart's River will long bring mingled pride and pain to Canadian hearts. But the war left also a new sympathy and unity amongst the different nations of the Empire.

With each contingent went several brave nurses to care for the sick and the wounded, and in the

BRIG,-GENERAL OTTER, spring of I002 forty ladies were

sent from Canada, at the request of the British government, to help to teach the Boer children, gathered in the refugee camps of South Africa,,

Death of   fit the inidst of the sorrow and suffering

Queen   caused by the war, every land under the

victoria. British flag was thrown into deeper mourning bN- the death of Queen Victoria. She passed away on January 22nd, igoi, after a glorious reign of nearly sixty-four years. It is stated that when, as a little girl, she was told that she would some day be Queen of England, she said, " I will be good," and well she kept that early promise. She was not only a wise ruler, but a good, true-hearted woman, and we may well keep her memory green by our annual celebration of Victoria Day.

Edward the The Queen's eldest son, Albert Edward, Peacemaker. Prince of Wales, now ascended the throne, taking the title of Edward VII. This choice pleased his people, for the name of Edward has been connected with the history of England and her kings for a thousand years. His reign lasted less than ten years, but by his great tact he helped England to make with France the good understanding, or " Entente Cordiale," which proved of such immense importance during the recent war. He


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