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Dominion Parliament, has, of course, its own provincial legislature. A barrister, Mr. A. C. Rutherford, was the first premier of Alberta; and a journalist, Mr. Walter Scott, was the first premier of Saskatchewan,

Prosperity   During the years of the great immigra-

and tion—by far the greatest in her history Extravagance.—Canada was extraordinarily busy. Her people made money fast, and spent it freely both in useful ways and on luxuries. Work was plentiful and wages high. There was an immense amount of railway construction and building of all kinds. New towns sprang up as if by magic, especially in the recently settled parts of the country, and lots in these places Nvere sold at higher and higher prices till many of the towns and villages became too dear to live in, and people began to leave them. In the meantime the prices of things to eat and things to wear rose also, and prudent folk began to fear that Canadians generally were borrowing too much, spending too much, and saving very little.

\The   During the long Liberal administration other

Diamond   events besides the passing of the Preferential

Jubilee. Tariff and the great British immigration had drawn Great Britain and Canada closer together. On June aoth, 1897, Queen Victoria had reigned for sixty years. This was a longer reign than that of any other British sovereign. Her " Diamond Jubilee," as it was called, was hailed with rejoicing in every part of her vast empire. Sir Wilfrid Laurier went to England to represent the Dominion in the family of British nations, and was honoured alike by sovereign and people.

War In South Not very long afterwards, in October, 1899, Africa. war broke out between Great Britain and the South African republics of the Transvaal and the

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