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representatives of the King, and arranged a commercial treaty with that country.

A New Link Best of all, the Preferential Tariff (which of Empire. was continued by the Conservatives when they came into power itr 191 1 ) formed a " new link of Empire." The other Dominions followed Canada's ex-ample, and, in 1913, "the United Kingdom, four dominions, and thirty-four crown colonies were all linked together by the far-reaching innovation in tariff malting at Ottawa in 1897."

Great For many years the Canadian government Immigration. had been endeavouring to attract desirable immigrants to Canada by making known the advantages of the country and offering free homesteads to settlers. But nothing did more than the Preferential Tariff to interest British people in the Dominion. By this time, moreover, much of the best land- in the United States had been taken up, and not a few farmers crossed the boundary to make their homes in our great Nest.

During the last ten years of the Laurier administration, and the first three of Sir Robert Borden's ministry, immigrants came in like a flood from the British Isles, the United States and from Central Europe. In fact, many thinking people feel that one of the Dominion's greatest problems is to make real Canadians of her enormous number of new citizens. The tide of immigration reached high water mark in 1912-i3, when 402,432 settlers arrived.

The New   On September 1st, 1905, the two new prov-

Provinces. inces of Alberta and Saskatchewan were created from the vast North-«pest Territories of the Dominion. Edmonton was chosen as the capital of Alberta, and Regina as the capital of Saskatchewan. Each of these provinces, besides its representation in the

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