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cabinet were Hon. W. S. Fielding, Sir Richard Cartwright, and Sir Oliver Mowat. The latter had been premier of Ontario for nearly twenty-four years, when he resigned office to become lieutenant-governor of Ontario.

Settlement of One of Laurier's first tasks was to settle the Manitoba the Manitoba School question. A compro-

School   mise was effected, and it was agreed that,

Question. though there were to be no separate schools, such religious teaching as the parents of the pupils approved was to be given in the public schools of the provinceX

New Gold   About this time there was great excitement

Fields.   in Canada over the discovery of new gold

fields almost within the Arctic Circle. In 1896 gold in large quantities had been discovered along the Klondike River, in what was set apart in 1898 as the Yukon District—north of British Columbia. Put in spite of the great distance from more habitable lands, and in spite of all the terrors of its inhospitable climate, thous-

) ands of miners hurried into the country, and within a few months after the news of the first great

SIR OLIVER MO~ VAT.   finds of gold reached the outer


world, a little town of log huts and canvas tents, called Dawson City, had risen in the swamp beside the river. In 1898 the value of the gold from the Yukon amounted to about $io,000,000. In 19co it reached double that amount, but in 1913 the value was not much over four and a quarter millions of dollars.

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