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The Colonial In June, 1894, soon after the Earl of Conference. Aberdeen became governor-general, delegates representing Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Cape Colony, and Canada, met at Ottawa, to consider plans for improving trade and the

means of communication between

the different parts of the British


Death of   The premier worked   lip


Sir John   so hard that Ills health

Thompson. suffered, and, late in 1894, he tool: a brief holiday in Italy, and then ~vent to England, where he was sworn in as a member of the Imperial Privy Council, but died suddenly while in Windsor


Castle. The news caused general

sorrow throughout the Dominion. Isis body was sent back to Canada in the war-ship Blcnlicirt, and he was buried at Halifax Nvith public honours.

Sir   The nest premier, IIon. (afterwards Sir)

Mackenzie   Mackenzie Powell, was for many years

Bowen.   editor and owner of a newspaper, The Belleville In tell igencer.



Newfound- During ~i premiership, the Government of land. Newfoundland re-opened the question of entering Confederation. The rights granted to the French fishermen on the coasts of Newfoundland in 1763 had grievously hindered the progress of the whole island. At the best of times many of the people were poor, and in 1895 one business house after another failed, and there was terrible distress. Put the representatives of the Dominion and of the Island could not agree

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