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a motion was brought forward in the Dominion parliament asking Lord Stanley, who had lately become Governor-General, to disallow the bill. But the majority

k      thought it a case which concerned Quebec alone, and Lord Stanley refused to interfere.

Death of   Early in 18gt there was another general

Sir John election. Sir John Macdonald, though now Macdonald- an old man, addressed one political meeting after another, and once more the people sent up to parliament a majority of Conservatives. A few months later Sir John fell ill, and, after lingering between life and death for eight days, breathed his last on June 6th, 1891.

He has well been called the " Father of Confederation," and though there must be differences of opinion concerning many of his actions, even his rivals admit that through his long political life he showed an untiring " devotion to Canada's welfare, Canada's advancement, and Canada's glory."

Four Short   -Macdonald had been at the head of the Administra- Dominion Government for nineteen of the

tions. twenty-four years since Confederation, but in the five years following his death there were four premiers. The first of these was Sir John Abbott. He soon resigned on account of ill-health, and died in 1893.

Sir John He was succeeded by a much younger and Thompson. very able man, Sir John Thompson. He had been a judge of the Supreme Court of his native province, Nova Scotia, and Minister of justice under Macdonald. Whilst holding this office he had toiled hard to simplify and improve the criminal laws, and had endeavoured to visit all the prisons under his charge—even those in remote parts of the North-West Territories.

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