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danger that the quarrel might lead to war; but instead
of fighting, the two nations agreed to submit the dis-
pute to arbitration, and in 1893 it was decided that
the Behring
Sea did not
belong to the


A m e r icans, and that they

~. .

ought to pay for the ships they had

.a   seized. T h e

r   money w a s

.+   paid in 1898. 1\I e a nwhile,

`   so man}' seals

x   Nv e r e being killed every

f'   year that it

t   w a s feared

n   t h e y would

'   ..~   a 11 soon be de stroyed,

HERD OF SEALS.   a n d repre-

sentatives of

the powers interested tried to devise means for their protection. AIany years later, it was agreed that, for 15

years, from December 15th, 1911, no seals should be taken at sea.,

` The Jesuits' Tn 1885 the parliament of Quebec passed 'Estates Bill. a bill granting $400,000 to make up to the Roman Catholic Church for the loss of lands which had been taken from the Jesuits of Canada in 176o. This bill was hotly discussed in the other provinces, and in 1889

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