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grim rocks along the north shore of Lake Superior, and in the Rocky Mountains chasms were bridged with miles of trestle work, and zigzag grades were cut up the steep sides of mountains whose towering heads are ever crowned with snow.

This line helps to bind together the whole British Empire, for it has strangely fulfilled the dreams of the old explorers by opening a new pathway from Europe to China and India.

All along the railway little towns and villages sprang up as if by magic. But the people of '_Vlanitoba were angry because the Dominion government had engaged to forbid, for a term of years, the building of railways which might interfere with the traffic of the C. P. R. They kept up an unceasing agitation against this restriction, and in 1888 the Dominion government made a new agreement with the C. P. R. Company by which it was removed.

The   Since the arrangement under the Treaty of

Fisheries. Washington had come to an end, fresh disputes had arisen concerning the right of the Americans to fish along our shores. In 1887 a new fisheries treaty was drawn tip at Washington, but the Senate of the United States refused its assent to it, and for a time the American fishermen caused much trouble. At length, however, the Canadian government decided that, until another treatv could be made, American fishermen should be charged a small sum for a license.

The Behring

kt the same time another dispute was

Sea   going on between Canada and the United

Dispute. States. The Canadians claimed the right to catch seals in the Behring Sea; but the Americans said that the sea belonged to Alaska, and that only Americans had the right to take the seals found there. They even seized several British, sealing ships, and there was great

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