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Closer   During the summer of 1879 Sir John Mac-


with   donald visited England and was sworn in

England. as a member of the Imperial Privy Council. In the following year the Canadian parliament passed a bill providing for the appoint-

nlellt of a high commissioner, or

agent for Canada, who was to live

in England. Sir Alexander Galt

was the first to fill this office.

Hon. Edward During this year

Blake.   Mackenzie resigned

the leadership of the Liberal party

to Mr. Edward Blake, a lawyer of

great ability and high reputation.

He had been, for a short time,

premier of Ontario, and (after-   EnwAxi) BLAKE. -,vards) a member of Mackenzie's

ministry. In 1887 he retired from political life in this country to enter the Imperial Parliament. Late in 188o a former leader of the Liberal party. George Brown, died from the effects of a wound received at the hands of an employee who had been dismissed for some misconduct.}

A New   Work upon the great railway was going on

C. P. R.   slowly, but in 1881 a charter was given to

Company. a new Canadian Pacific Railway Company. All that part of the line already built was handed over to it. It was also to receive large grants of land and money, and in return was to complete the road within


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