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In 1875 an act was passed giving a government,

separate from that of Alanitoba, to the North-Nest Territories. About this time, too, a number of treaties were made with the Indians of a part of those regions, by which they gave up their claims to the soil in return for supplies of food and certain ap.-nual sums of money. A vast quantity of fertile land was thus opened for settlement, but large

"reserves," as they are called, were set apart for the Indians.

Afore recently (in 1899) the Indians of entered into "treaty," and this opened up to the rich and fertile basins of the Athabasca kenzie rivers.   .

Macdonald's During the years while Mackenzie was

Return to   premier trade was bad, not only in Canada

Power.   but all over the world, and his ministers


Athabasca the settler and AIac-


Having lasted was dissolved in in favour of Si Policy."

found it exceedingly difficult to raise
sufficient money for the expenses
of government. Upon this Sir John
s Macdonald began to talk of a plan,
which he called the " National Pol-
icy," for putting heavy duties on all
imported manufactured goods which
could be made in Canada. This, he
said, would bring in more money for
carrying on the government, and
w o u l d encourage Canadians to
E' manufacture goods for themselves.
its full term of five years, parliament
August, 1878, and the elections turned
John Macdonald and his " National


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