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near the frontier. Lieut.-Governor Archibald set about

raising a force of armed settlers, but they were not needed,

as Colonel Wheaton, the American commander at Fort Pembina, crossed the boundary, scattered the Fenians, and,

   .,4   arresting the leaders,

took them back to the United States to be tried for breaking the

tz`<   °   neutrality laws. Riel o n t lI i s occasion offered his services to

'   defend t h e country,

`   an d t h e governor, perhaps fearing an,

i~ other half-breed rising, accepted his offer.

Canada was now thought able to pro-

I,I$.UT.-COI,. B. CIIADIBBRI.IN.   vide f o r her own This portrait shows the full-dress uniform worn defence, and in I870

at the time of the Fenian Raid.   all B r i t i s h troops,

except a small force at Halifax, were withdrawn from the country.

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