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river to use the lands behind their lots for hay—a privilege afterwards adjudged of such value that the Dominion government gave the

settlers a freehold title to the


Louis Riel. Louis Riel, a young

man who had been

educated at Montreal, was the

leading agitator. A stop was put

to the surveying, and, when Hon.   -.

Wm. Macdougall arrived at Pem-

bina, on his way to assume the

office of lieutenant-governor on

December Ist (the proposed date   Louis RIEL. of the transfer to the Dominion),

he was informed that he would not be allowed to enter the country. He crossed the boundary, but was soon obliged by a body of armed men to return to the United States.

MeanwI le, Riel occupied Fort Garry, and set up a " provisional government," with himself as president. The Iludson's Bay Company's officers were powerless to prevent these lawless proceedings, having no force at

their command. On December Ist

Macdougall called the friendly set-

tlers to arms, but as the transfer

of the Red River country was de-

laved. he had no real authority.

On discovering this, he returned to

Ottawa in disgust. x

Sir John   A small party had

Schultz.   gathered at his call,

under Dr. (afterwards Sir) John

Schultz, who in later years was

SIR JOHN SCHULTZ.   lieutenant-governor of Manitoba.

But they were forced by Riel to surrender, and were imprisoned in Fort Garry. Several escaped. Amongst these was Dr. Schultz, who cut the

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