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lieutenant-governor of Nova Scotia, but died at Government House, Halifax, after holding off=ice for about a month.

The In 1869 the Hudson's Bay Company con-North-West. sented to give up its trade monopoly- and its right to govern Rupert's Land and the North-Nest Territory for 1300,000 in money and a twentieth part of the lands, yet to be surveyed, south of the north branch of the Saskatchewan River and west of bake Winnipeg.

There were now about 12;000 persons (chiefly half-breeds) in the Red River country. Of these the French


These awkward-looking carts were made entirely without iron, its place
being supplied by strips of the raw hide of a buffalo or ex.

half-breeds, who formed rather a majority, were agitated by rumours of the surrender of Rupert's Land to Canada, on which the people of the country had not been consulted. Their alarm was increased by the actions of some members of a party of surveyors (sent, in 1869, by the Dominion government) who surveyed lands adjacent to the farms of the French half-breeds, and put up stakes supposed to be for future claims. The Hudson's Bay Company had allowed the settlers along the


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