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The Growth of the Nation.



The   The first Dominion parliament was opened

Dominion at Ottawa on November 6th, 1867. Sir Parliament. John 'Macdonald was supported by a strong majority, and set to work at once to make certain needed changes in the laws concerning

the government officials, the import

duties, the post office, and many.. other matters. Resolutions were

also passed asking the British gov-

ernment to add to the Dominion it

the great regions in the north ands`   N
west, then ruled by the Hudson's

Pay Company.

Nova Scotia Meanwhile, Nova

Dissatisfied. Scotia w as exceed-

ingly anxious to withdraw from

Confederation. Of her nineteen SIR CaaxrES T~rrsx. members in the Dominion House of Commons, Dr. Tupper was the only unionist; and one of the first acts-of the provincial assembly was to send Joseph Howe and three other gentlemen to England with a petition for the repeal of the union so far as Nova Scotia was concerned. The request was refused, but shortly afterwards a larger yearly allowance for provincial expenses was promised to Nova Scotia. This did much to satisfy the people, and early in 1869 Joseph Howe became a member of the Dominion ministry. Four years later he was appointed


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