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at the end of four years, with many- sketches and curiosities. Later he painted a number of pictures (some of which are in the Parliamentary Library at Ottawa) show-

ing the manners and customs of

the rednnen, and wrote a book

which he called " The Wanderings

nf an Artist." In his later years

his eyesight failed so that he could

no longer paint.

Amusements As the hardships and

and   toil of pioneer life

Holidays.   became less pressing,

the people were able to devote

more time and money to recrea-

DR. w. G. BEERS.   tion. In the country the long win-

The father of lacrosse." ter was (and is) the great season for amusements ; and amongst winter sports, that of curling, introduced from Scotland, had been growing in favour from the beginning of the century. In summer, the amusement of sailing was at this time becoming popular; and in 1852 the " Canadian Yacht Club " was organized at Toronto. In 1859 the old Indian game of lacrosse was played at Montreal for the first time by white players only, and in the following year Dr. NV. G. Beers published the first book written on the game. Some years earlier (in 1845) Queen Victoria's birthday was made a legal holiday in Canada:,,

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