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SOCIAL, CONDITIONS, 1841-67•   293

affairs, and was so poor in his last days that, to buy food, he had to sell a favourite clog, named Hector.

Amongst the many poets of the day, Chauveau, in Lower Canada, and Heavysege and Sangster, in the upper province, a 1 1

did ,vork which has   I

received high praise. Heavysege was born in England, coming to Canada when nearly a middle-aged

man, and throughout

the greater art of

his life lie had a hard. struggle with pover-

ty. His chief works a r e t h e dramatic

poems, " Saul " and   •1!'

" Jeplitha's Daugh-



ter." Charles Sang-   t *   }

ster, who was born

at Kingston, had also

- ti

to contend against   ,~;   uji'~:•

many difficulties. At   PAL'i, BANE.

a very early age lie   From a photograph taken on his return from

lost his father, and      his North-West expedition, and kindly
lent by his daughter, Mrs. Donaldson, of

was thus obliged to   Atlantic City, N.J.

work for his living when lie ought to have been at school. Many of leis best poems are on Canadian subjects. A Canadian In 1860 an Art Association was founded Artist.   at Montreal. One of the earliest Cana-
dian artists, Paul Kane, who was born in Toronto in 18io, did his most notable work during this period. After spending four years studying art in Europe, he went, in 1845, into the western wilderness to sketch the Indians in their native haunts. He returned,

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