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miles. The first submarine cable laid in North America
was a line ten miles in length between New Brunswick
and Prince Edward Island. This was laid in 1851. Five
years later Cape Breton Island and Newfoundland were
connected by a line eighty-five miles in length. In 1858,
after many difficulties and failures, a telegraph cable was
laid across the Atlantic. Unhap-
pily this cable broke soon after

y   its first trial ; but in 1866 another

.   was laid, and since then tele-

F   graphic communication between

}      the New and the Old Worlds has
never been broken.

During this period

`x   Education.   better provision for

the education of the young was

made in all the provinces. New

laws were passed with regard to

CHARLES SANGSTER. education. 'Many schools and colleges already existing were reorganized, and others were founded.

Books and Some of the authors mentioned on page Authors. 242 were still living and at work during the years under review ; and not a few new writers published books or poems. In history several notable works were published. Amongst these were a French " History of Canada," by Garneati ; an English " History of Canada," by Macllullen, and accounts of the " War of 1812," by Colonel Coffin and Major Richardson. The latter had previously brought out two Canadian novels (one of these, entitled " Wacousta," giving the romantic story of Pontiac's attempt on Fort Detroit), and later he wrote a book called " Eight Years in Canada," which gives valuable information about the country_ in the time following the Rebellion. Richardson was unfortunate in his

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