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though in the latter province much new land had lately been broken up for farming.

Trade, both with other countries and amongst the British provinces themselves, had wonderfully increased during these years.

Means of   One reason for this increase was the im-Communica- provement in the means of travelling, and

tion. of sending news from one place to another. Instead of one railway line sixteen miles long, as in 1841, there were now fourteen railways, which, taken together, were nearly two thousand three hundred miles long. Steam vessels of all sizes plied on the great lakes


and crossed the ocean. The Allan Line, which began with four ships in 1856, had twenty-three in 1868. Its first steamship was named the Caiiadian.

The postal service had greatly improved. Before 1851 (the year in which postage stamps were first issued in Canada) half-ounce letters were carried at the rate of fourteen cents for one hundred miles ; but at that time it was agreed that letters should be carried in Canada, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island at the rate of six cents for any distance within those provinces. This soon increased the number of letters three-fold.,

Telegraphs. In 1847 the telegraph was first used in
Canada, and by 1867 there were telegraph
lines in every province, amounting in all to over 7,000

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