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During the last quarter of a century the
Population. number of people in the British provinces
had more than doubled. The population of the four
provinces which first entered Confederation was nearly
three and a quarter millions in 1867, while that of all the
provinces which now form the
Dominion of Canada was not
very far short of three and a half


aa,,,   millions.

In case of war, ac-Defence.   cording to George

Brown's reckoning half a million men would have been ready and willing to defend their country. Regiments of volunteers h a d b e e n formed in the different provinces, and military schools

_   had been founded for the instruction of their officers.

The number of In-A LADY OF THE CONFER The Indians. dians in the four


confederated provinces was believed to be increasing slightly, and, oNving chiefly to the faithful labours of missionaries from the different churches, their habits were becoming more civilized. Their dwellings, food, and clothing all showed signs of improvement. In the far North-Nest, however, the Indians still followed their old customs, though missionaries, travelling by canoes in summer and dog-trains in


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