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ministers in connection with this matter, George Brown resigned his place in the government in 1865 The Fenians. Meanwhile, a number of Irishmen in the

United States, who belonged to what was

called the Fenian

Brotherhood, were drilling and making other preparations f o r t h e invasion of Canada. T li e y believed that their country had been cruelly wronged by England, and in revenge determined to conquer t h e British American colonies. NV h e n the civil war ended, a number of restless, lawless men, who lead been in the American armies, found themselves o u t o f employment;

and many of

these joined the

Fenians i n t h e MONUMENT To Vor,uNTVERS WHO FL1,1, hope of more   AT RIDGEWAY.

fighting.   (Erected in Queen's Park, Toronto.)

Rumours of intended attack kept the Canadian borders in alarm. St. Patrick's day, 1866, was to be marked, it


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