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Central government, which should manage matters common to all, while all local business should still be left to the provincial governments. Both Canada and Nova Scotia had lately sent representatives to England to discuss the plan with the British government, but they were told that the colonies must themselves agree on some plan of union before England could do anything; and nothing w•as clone for several years. Aleanw•hile, the state of affairs in Canada became worse and worse.

VICTORIA TUBULAR BRIDGE, MONTREAL. Notice the raft of logs to the left of the picture.


The Prince In 186o our King, who was then Prince of of Wales. Wales, and only nineteen years old, came to open the great Victoria Bridge, which had been built across the St. Lawrence at Montreal. He received a loyal and hearty welcome in all the British provinces. He next visited the United States, and met with a very cordial reception from our kindred across the line.

The American A few months later a terrible war, which Civil War. lasted for four years, broke out between the Northern and Southern States of the Union.


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