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schools for the Roman Catholics were then firmly established in Upper Canad

Two Brave One of the last events in the Crimean War

Nova   was the brilliant defence of hars by Gen-

Scotians. eral Williams, a Nova Scotian. He was at length obliged to surrender, but Russia had suffered severely in other quarters, and peace was made in 1856.

In the following year Brigadier-

-   General Inglis, another brave Nova

Scotian, covered his name with

glory by his heroic defence of

Lucknow during the terrible In-

dian mutiny-)k

A Gloomy   In Canada the peace

Year.   brought hard times.

The high prices of the war-time

had caused general extravagance,

sw   and when they fell many people
GEN. FENwics WILLIAMS, were ruined. In 18J7 a meagre

The hero of Bars. harvest and two terrible disasters added to the general gloom. Seventy people lost their lives in a railway accident between Toronto and Hamilton. It was caused by the breaking of a bridge over the Desjardins Canal. A few weeks later two hundred and fifty people perished in the burning of a boat on the St. Lawrence.

After the riots at Montreal in 189, it was The Capital. arranged that the government should be carried on at Quebec and Toronto, turn about, for four years each. But this plan was costly and inconvenient, and in 1857 the Queen was asked to name a permanent capital. She chose Ottawa, but her choice did not please the Canadian Reformers.

The "Double Soon afterwards the Macdonald-Cartier Shuffle." ministry, which was then in power, resigned, though it had a small majority in the assembly, and

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