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was afterwards made viceroy of India, where he died in 1863. Sir Edmund Head, the lieutenant-governor of \Tew Brunswick, became governor-general in his place. Double   During the next three years there were
Majorities. many changes in the ministry. The union of Upper and

Low e r Canada

had made it dif-

ficult to follow

the rule of re-   "I   ;

sponsible government. Some people said that a ministry need not resign unless it were outvoted by a majority of the whole llouse. Others said that it ought to re-

sign if outvoted

by a majority of

the members

representing the

half of the prov-

ince (either Up-

per or Lower

Canada) which   SIR Joxx A. MAcDOxnrn.

(From a painting by J. W. L. Forster.)

would be most

affected by the motion in question. As a rule, the government did not resign so long as it was supported by a majority of the whole house; and the Upper Canadian members complained that measures which concerned them alone were forced on them by the votes of Lower Canadians. For instance, a number of separate


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