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The MaoNab- The Conservatives and the moderate Re-

Morin   formers, or Liberals, joined, in 1854, to

Ministry.   support a government of which the joint
heads were Sir Allan Mac-Nab and Augustin Morin. Its leading spirit however, was John A. Macdonald. The Clergy The new ministry promptly brought in a

Reserves.   bill authorizing the sale of the clergy

reserves, and arranging that, after

provision had been made for cer-

tain clergymen who had special

claims, the money so raised should

be divided amongst the townships

according to their population.

-   Seigneurial In 1854 an act was

Tenure.   passed to bring an-

other great grievance to an end.

As Lower Canada became more

settled, the seigneurs charged their SIR GEORGE. CeariEx. tenants higher rents, and many of the latter became exceedingly anxious to buy instead of renting their farms. At last, in this year, a bill was passed to abolish certain feudal rights and duties bearing both on seigneurs and habitants; and parliament voted a large sum to make tip to the former what they would lose by this act. It was arranged, moreover, that the habitants were to be allowed to buy their farms at any time on paying a fixed sum to the seigneurs. But the tenants did not all take advantage of this, and in many cases the annual rent is still paid.

Lord Elgin left Canada in the last month of 1854. He


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