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When night fell, bands of ruffians broke the windows of the Reformers' houses, and destroyed Lafontaine's library, out-llouses, and fruit-trees ; but, fortunately, a company of soldiers arrived in time to save the minister's house.

A few days later Lord Agin was again mobbed. The back of his coach was broken in with stones, and some members of his party were wounded; but he treated the rioters with great forbearance, though he would not give way to their demands.

Disturbances The same violent spirit was shown in

in Upper   Upper Canada. Mobs broke the windows

Canada. of well-known Reformers, and burnt stuffed figures representing them in great bonfires. Some of the Conservatives who had loudly- accused others of dislovalty now talked of making Canada part of the United States. Others joined a league of which one object was to break up the union between the two provinces. Amongst other schemes, a confederation of all the provinces was suggested, but the league soon fell to pieces.


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