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receive nothing, but the loyalty of other losers was not to be questioned. This bill met with fierce opposition. " No pay to rebels!" was the cry. The Reformers answered with fiery speeches, and the whole country went wild with excitement.

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(From original in possession of Mr.R.W. McLachlan, Montreal. The signature of Dr. Wolfred Nelson, the rebel leader, will be noticed.)

But the bill was passed by both chambers, and Lord Elgin was urged in vain to refuse his assent, for lie held that it was a matter on which the parliament of Canada had a right to decide. As he left the Parliament Buildings in -Montreal, after assenting to the bill, a mob flung stones and rotten eggs at his carriage.

The Parlia- That same night a great crowd gathered in ment Build- the Champ de -Mars. At last some madings Burnt. man raised the shout, " To the Parliament

Buildings!" and the mob rushed thither, and threw sticks and stones into the hall where the assembly was sitting. The members fled in dismay as hundreds of ruffians burst into the building, shattering lamps, smashing furniture, and at last setting all on fire. A valuable library and all the public records of the province were destroyed by the flames.

Next day the assembly met in Bonsecours Market,

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