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In 1847 the Earl of Elgin became governor-Lord Elgin. general. He had married a daughter of the Earl of Durham, and agreed with his views on colonial government.

A Reform   In 1848 the Conservatives were beaten in

Government. the general elections, and the Reform

leaders, Lafontaine and Baldwin, again formed a ministry.

In 1849 a bill was passed for the pardon of those concerned in the rebellion of 1837. Mackenzie now

_ returned to Canada, but near,,\- all the other leaders had already received special pardons. While in the United States Mackenzie had suffered much. He had been exceedingly poor, and had spent many months in prison for breaking the neutrality laws.

LORD ELGIN.   Rebellion   The rebellion. had

Losses. caused great loss of property both in Upper and Lower Canada. Acts had been passed authorizing the government to pay for the losses of the people of Upper Canada; but little had been done for the sufferers in Lower Canada. At last, in 1849, the Reform government brought in a bill proposing to raise I100,000 to pay for the destruction of property in the lower province. Rebels who had been sent to Bermuda, or convicted of high treason, were to


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