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reasons induced the British government to take off the taxes on grain in 1846, so that foreign nations might send larger quantities to England. This displeased the colonies, and injured their trade for a time ; for, as a loNyer duty had been charged on their grain than on that from foreign countries, they had been able to sell cheaper than the latter, and British merchants had consequently bought from them rather than from foreigners.

On the other hand, the Imperial government gave the colonies leave to put what duties they pleased on both British and foreign imports. From this time they were also allowed to pay their officials what they thought right.

In 1846 a new system of education was Education° given to Upper Canada. It was planned by Dr. Egerton Ryerson, after he had carefully studied the systems of other countries. Three years later the University of Toronto was opened to young men of all churches.

During the last few years many new settlers Immigrants. from the British Isles had come to British America. After the potato famine thousands of people left Ireland for Canada and the other provinces. Hundreds died at sea of a terrible fever, hundreds more sickenVd on reaching land, but in the end many made for themselves happy homes in the New World.y

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