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that the African slave trade should be put downy and that persons suspected of certain crimes, who escaped from one country to the other, should be given up,-but Great Britain would not promise to give up runaway slaves. ^1 It was decided also that the disputed territory should be divided between Maine and New Brunswick; but this was done in such a way that the larger and more valuable portion fell to the former, and the Canadians have never regarded the treaty with satisfaction.

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Western Another boundary quarrel soon occurred. Boundaries. The dividing line between British territory and that of the United States had been settled only as far as the Rocky Alountains, and a great part of the Pacific coast was claimed by both nations, though for many years it had been occupied only by Indians and the Hudson's Bay Company's traders. Their forts were scattered widely through the wilderness; and in 1839 a few Scotch and Canadian farmers were brought out to supply the traders with necessaries, hitherto brought across the Rockies from Canada or round by Cape Horn from England.

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