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SOCIAI, CONDITIONS, 1791-1841.   241

boat ever seen in America was launched in Montreal in 18og. She was named the Accommodation, and was b u i l t by the Hon. John

Molson. A b o u t twenty years

later the Royal Ihilliaiii, which

was the first ship to cross the

Atlantic under steam during the

whole passage, was built at Wolfe',

Cove, near Ouebec ; and in 1840

Samuel Cunard, a native of Nova

Scotia, established a line of mail

steamers between England and

America. The first steam vessel,

which he sent from Liverpool to   SAMUEL CU- ARD. Halifax, Nova Scotia, was named the Unicorn, and was fifteen days making the passage.

In Lower Canada few of the inhabitants

Education, could read or write, and sometimes even the school trustees were unable to sign their names. In the other provinces things were not so bad as this. But, though not one of them had a really good system of schools, such as we have now, some people in all the provinces were trying to improve the state of edu-

`cation. The University of New Brunswick was founded in 1800; Dalhousie College, in Halifax, was

JAMES MCGILL.   founded in 1821, though it did not

0744_=8X3.1   become a university till twenty
Founder of McGill Unioer- years later ; McGill University,

city, Montreal. Montreal, was founded in 1829, through the benefactions of a public-spirited citizen, the Hon. James McGill, who in his will set apart a piece of


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