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the people. This advice was followed, but the plan did not work smoothly, for Howe and the other new councillors often differed in opinion from James W. Johnstone, the able and eloquent leader of the Conservatives.

Prince   T h e agita-

Edward   `~.

tion for the Island. separation of the legislative and executive councils, and for responsible government, had begun in Prince Edward Island some years earlier. In 1839 the council was divided, and the chief justice retired from political life, but responsible government was not granted. Some reform was greatly needed, for money matters

were very badly managed;   JAMES W. JOHNSTON'E.

but the islanders had to persist in their demands for several years longer before the desired change was made. Newfound- Meanwhile, Newfoundland had its own land. political troubles. The quarrels between the legislative council and the assembly were fierce and constant. But the agitation for responsible government did not begin there till some time after the principle was generally followed in the other provinces.

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