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Charles   In the autumn of 1839 Sir George Arthur

Roulett and Sir John Colborne were both recalled Thompson. to make way for a new governor-general, the 1lon. Charles Poulett Thompson. He has been described as a clear-sighted busi-

ness man, clever in managing those about him, and for this reason was sent out to obtain the

consent of the Canadians to the   '

union of the u p p e r and lower provinces.

Responsible The British govern-Government. nlent had decided to follow Lord Durham's advice and grant the colonies responsible gov-

ernment. Lord John Russell ac- HON. CHARLES POULETT cordingly instructed the governor   TnomPSON.

to take as councillors those who were trusted by the people. A little later the members of the executive councils in the different provinces were informed that they were no longer to hold office for life, but might be removed if a change seemed for the public good. This, of course, opened the way for their removal whenever they lost the confidence of the assembly. The judges, however, were still to be appointed for life.

But some time passed before the governors and officials in the different provinceq settled down to follow the new


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