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Lawrence, and took possession of a strong stone windmill near Prescott. They were led by a Pole named Von Schultz, who thought that the Canadians were terribly oppressed. They held out bravely for several days, till the walls of the mill were shattered with cannon-balls. They then surrendered, and Von Schultz was tried and hanged at Kingston with several of his companions. He was defended by a young barrister, John Alexander Macdonald, who afterwards became famous in the history of the Dominion.

The Last   Early in December several hundred men

Raid. crossed from Detroit to Windsor, murdered four men, burnt a steamer, and did other mischief. But they were soon defeated by a body of militia under Colonel Prince. He ordered four of. the prisoners to be shot without trial. For this he was severely blamed. This was the last raid on Canada. The invaders were becoming disheartened, for the British forces had latelv been strengthened, and the United States government was at last taking strong measures to prevent such outrages.

The Maine But war with the United States itself

Boundary   seemed threatening. There were several

Dispute. causes of dispute. Amongst these was the still unsettled boundary line between Naine and New Brunswick. At the beginning of 1839 a few lawless fellows from the British province began to cut timber in the debatable land. Men were sent from Maine to drive them away, and from New Brunswick to protect them. Next, troops were ordered into the country. Some people on each side clamoured for war, but happily those in authority were anxious to keep the peace, and three years later the boundary question was settled. .

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