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   LORD DURHAM.   227

Hunters'   While Lord Durham was trying to lay a

Lodges. firm foundation for the peace and good government of Canada, the enemies of the country were busy on the other side of the boundary. They formed many secret societies, called " Hunters' lodges," professedly with the view of setting up a republican form of government in Canada. But many of the members were of bad character, and probably their real object was plunder.

Fresh After Lord Durham's sudden departure Outbreaks. there was another attempt at revolt. On the first Sunday in   r.,

November a. p a r t }-of rebels tried to seize some arms and stores at the Indian settlement of Catlghnawaga, but the warriors, rushing out of church, t o o k sixty prisoners and put the rest to flight.

Dr. Robert Nelson,

a younger brother   _   i

of the rebel leader,   t _

had gathered a number of insurgents

F   } at Napiersville, but Colborne's t r o o p s

soon d r o v e them across the boundary.

Many persons were OLD STONR `vINDMILL AT PREscoTT arrested, some with-   (Now converted into a lighthouse.)

out much reason, and their property was destroyed by the troops.

The members of the Hunters' lodges now Von Schutz. threatened Canada at different points. On November i Ith about two hundred men crossed the St.

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