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only in the case of two, named Lount and Matthews. After the fight at Gallows Hill, 'AIatthews had hidden for two wintry days and nights in the ravines of Rosedale, near Toronto; and Lount had tried to cross Lake Erie in an open boat, but, after suffering terribly from cold and hunger, had been driven back by the wind to the Canadian shore. The governor was besieged with petitions in their favour, but nothing moved him, and in April they were hanged at Toronto.

The   Lord Durham reached Quebec in May,

Governor-   1838. He had great abilities, but was hot-

General. tempered, irritable, and fond of pomp and show. He held office for only six months, but no governor-general

has done more

for Canada. He   - j

at once set his secretary and several other gentle-

men to make   f
careful inquiries

and prepare a

" Report " con-   rr   8~

cerning the con-T

dition o f t h e


state of the country,

Raids.   Scarcely a week after his arrival a little

Canadian steamer, calling for wood on an island in Lake Ontario, was attacked at night by a gang of ruffians. They robbed all on board, set fire to the vessel, and took refuge amongst the Thousand Islands of the St. Lawrence, sallying forth now and then to rob some lonely farm-house. Others followed this bad example, keeping the Canadian borders in alarm, but the watchfulness of the government prevented any great mischief.


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