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New On the outbreak of the rebellion the con-Governors. stitution of Lower Canada was suspended (that is, the power of the assembly was for a time taken away), and the government was put into the hands of the governor and a special council. Lord Gosford had resigned, and Sir John Colborne took his place, while

Sir Francis Head was succeeded

by Sir George Arthur, lately

governor of Van Diemen's Land,

where criminals were sent for pun-

047   Both men were stern

and harsh, and their appointment

alarmed the Reformers. But the

British government had begun to

believe that the Canadians must

have some real grievances, and they

soon afterwards sent the Earl of

LORD DURHAM. Durham to inquire into the reason of the trouble, appointing him Governor-General of the British North American Colonies and Lord High Commissioner.

The   In both provinces the jails were crowded.
Prisoners in In Upper Canada the judges were busy

Upper   for weeks trying the prisoners, though Sir

Canada. George Arthur was empowered by parliament, on such conditions as he thought fit, to pardon those asking for mercy. A number of persons were condemned to death, but the stern sentence was carried out


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