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Riot in   Early in November, 1837, there was a fight

Montreal. in the streets of Montreal between some of Papineau's followers, calling themselves " Sons of Liberty," and a club formed to support the government. Several people were wounded, and the office of a violent Reform newspaper was attacked ; but the soldiers dispersed the rioters before very much mischief was done.

Other The government now offered large rewards Outbreaks. for the capture of Papineau, Nelson, and other leading Reformers. Dr. Nelson took refuge in a strong stone building at St. Denis, and managed, after several hours' hard fighting, to beat off the soldiers who came to take him, though most of his followers were armed only -,with pitchforks or thick sticks.

This success encouraged the rebels, but two days later a number of half-armed countrymen, who had occupied a large house at St. Charles, were attacked by a few British troops and some loyal volunteers. Many were killed or wounded, and the rest fled. Nelson's followers then deserted him, and the doctor was captured before he could cross the boundary. Papineau had already left the country. Other bodies of rebels had gathered at different places, but were easily dispersed.

Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island all offered help to the government in putting down the rising in Lower Canada. But in Upper Canada it was the signal for a general movement of the disaffected.



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