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the Reformers of Lover Canada. Ile threw prudence to the winds, and openly ventured to discuss whether "the Canadians should shoulder their muskets and declare independence."

A Rising Soon afterwards some of the more violent Threatened. Reformers secretly drew up and signed a Declaration of Independence. Lord John Russell's resolutions roused as much anger in Upper as in Lower Canada, for they were held to threaten the liberty of both alike; and a number of the people began to prepare in earnest for a rising. They had no arms except those used for hunting, but a number of pikes were made, and shooting at marks became a popular amusement.

In spite of the many signs that trouble was brewing, Head sent all the troops out of the country to help to keep order in the lower province. This, he explained, was to test the loyalty of the people of Upper Canada.

Queen   A few months earlier, in June, 1837, WiI-

victoria. liam IN'. had died, and his niece, the good Queen Victoria, then a girl of eighteen, began her long and glorious reign over an empire upon which, it is said, the sun never sets.

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