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some of the officials themselves, subscribed to pay it. This enabled Mackenzie to continue the publication of his paper.

Judge   A short time later Judge Willis, an English-

Willis. man, publicly accused a leading official, named John Beverley Robinson, of neglecting his duty.

Robinson was one of the cleverest members of the Compact, and in after years won the respect of all parties as a wise and upright judge. Willis was soon dismissed from his position, and though he had given the officials just cause for complaint, the people regarded him as a martyr to their cause. In some other cases arising at this time, however, there is no doubt the offi

cials were grievously in the wrong.


The Canada A great number of the incoming settlers Company, chose Upper Canada as their new home ; and in 1826 some rich men in England formed what was called the Canada Company, of which a Scotchinan, John Galt, was the leading spirit. It bought from the government over 2,000,000 acres of wild land in Upper Canada, and engaged to make roads and build mills. Much of the land was quickly resold to new colonists; but for many years an immense block of land known as the Huron tract, which belonged to the company, remained unsettled.

The   In 1832 an emigrant ship brought to Que-

Cholera, bee the dread disease of cholera. It swept through the Canadian towns and villages, carrying off thousands of victims. Two years later there was a second terrible outbreak. This checked for a while the coming of new settlers.


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