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Attacks on During this year Washington, the capital

the United   of the United States, was captured by a

States. British army. Several towns in Maine were also taken, and part of that state once belonging to Acadia was declared to be under British rule.

In September Prevost attacked Plattsburg. He had 13,000 men under his command; but after a hard fight his fleet was defeated on Lake Champlain, and he thought it wise to order a retreat. His officers were very angry, and a court-martial was appointed to enquire into his conduct. But he died a week before the day fixed for his trial. As a general, Prevost was unfortunate ; but there is little doubt that his gracious tact and good sense strengthened the loyalty of the French Canadians and made them all the more willing to give their money and their lives for the defence of their country.

The End of The attack on Plattsburg was almost the the War. last act in the war, and on Christmas Eve, 1814, a treaty of peace was signed at Ghent, in Holland. By it everything was arranged, as far as possible, as it had been before the war. Unhappily, early in January, before the news reached America, a British force attacked the city of New Orleans, and was beaten off with the loss of two thousand men.

The peace was hailed with equal joy by the Canadians and by the many Americans who had thought the war wrong and unjust from the first. Help was sent from England, Nova Scotia, and other parts of Canada to the people of those towns which had suffered most grievously during the war, but nothing could make up for all the misery it had caused.1.

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