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the settled parts of that province and Lower Canada. A short time later seamen from Nova Scotia took the same way to Canada. New ships had been lately built, and a

few British sailors came out to Canada with a naval officer, Sir James Yeo.

York   In April an

Captured. American fleet,

under Commodore Chauncey, bore down 'on York, which

MARTELLO TOWER, HALIFA%.   was then a village of only

a thousand inhabitants. The Americans landed close to a little fort west of the town, and were pressing eagerly forward to drive out its

defenders, when a great store

of powder suddenly exploded, killing or wounding a number of both besiegers and defenders. General Pike, the leader of the attacking column, was so badly hurt that he died on shipboard a few hours later. General Sheaffe was at York, but deciding that the place was indefensible, he, after destroying the naval stores and a vessel on the stocks, withdrew his force of regulars, and retired to Kingston. York then was occupied by the Americans, who plundered it of everything of value, set its public buildings on fire, and sailed away.

A little later their fleet joined with Dearborn's forces

Commander of the Shannon.


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